Morrison Pump Company offers a wide range of pumps and pumping systems serving the municipal, industrial, agricultural and aquacultural markets.


The municipal market demands Morrison Pumps meet client's specific engineering, manufacturing, and quality control specifications, while requiring Morrison Pump Company to provide thorough technical submittals, as well as various engineering and field services including certified factory pump performance testing. Advanced technology incorporated into our standard Axial Flow and Mixed Flow Lineshaft Pumpsoffer a full range of products of high capacity pumps. Typical municipal applications include flood control, storm drainage, environmental water management, raw water supply, final effluent transfer, and mixed liquor recycle.

Flood Control Pumps
Flood Control Pump Stations are located across the world protecting life and property in flood-prone urban and rural communities. With intricate series of levees, canals, and water control structures, high capacity pumps are at the heart of flood protection for many communities. Per the US Army Corps of Engineers, pumping stations are one of the more vulnerable features of a flood protection system, where the failure of a pump system during a flood could result in considerable damage and loss of life. Pump dependability is the primary consideration in design, where minimizing single point failures and subsystems are essential. Large Morrison Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps are continuous duty, highly reliable, rugged flood control and storm water pumps operating 24 hours per day, with proven reliability.


Industrial applications require highly reliable and efficient pumping systems and a pump manufacturer with the required successful experience. Morrison Pumps enjoy a reputation of quality and the highest efficiencies in the Industrial Water Pumps. Many industrial applications are continuous duty applications where low pump life cycle costs are essential to our client's success. Furthermore, each industrial sector and industrial business partner may utilize special Morrison designs or materials for their specific and/or proprietary processes. Typical industrial applications include cooling water recirculation, raw water supply, open pit dewatering, brine and/or desalination, and much more.

Cooling Water
The primary function of a cooling water system is to continuously circulate cooling water, typically from a lake, river, or ocean, through surface condensers and heat exchangers in the plant, thereby rejecting waste heat back to the water source or to atmosphere via cooling towers. The power generation industry demands Cooling Water Pumps be high efficiency, very reliable, and easy to maintain. Morrison large vertical wet-pit lineshaft pumps can be conventional or "pull-out" design, certified with the highest efficiencies in the industry while offering the durability and maintainability required.

Agriculture and Aquaculture

Agriculture and aquaculture pump markets demand rugged, cost-effective solutions. Many high capacity irrigation and drainage pump stations are in remote locations in harsh environments. Electric or engine-driven standard Morrison pump products offer the highest pump performance while offering exceptional longevity, reliability, and maintainability. Pump operating costs are calculated in dollars (as cost of electric power or engine fuel) per million gallons of water pumped, and Morrison application engineers understand analyzing of operational costs vs. capital expenditures and are available for assistance. Agricultural high capacity pump applications are typically fresh water, while most Aquaculture applications involve seawater transfer.

Shrimp Farming
No industry in the world moves as much seawater as the aquaculture sector. Continuous duty pumps operate in harsh, corrosive, marine environments, and are the "life support" of the crop (shrimp, fish, conch, etc.). Large Axial and Mixed Flow pumps must be reliable and highly efficient to keep operating costs at a minimum, and pump equipment selections must maximize our client's capital investment. Morrison Vertical Pumps are provided with complete stainless steel rotating assemblies and product-lubricated bearings, offering product longevity with our pre-engineered and application-proven products.


Major enviornmental projects are ongoing to protect and/or restore vital water resources, and pending future projects are becoming more critical to the well-being of our civilization and planet Earth. Environmental protection provides balance and sustainability, while large-scale water resource management improves water quality, hydrology and ecology. Environmental projects require pump systems that are not only high efficiency, but also result in little to no impact to the environment. Morrison Pump Company leads the world with environmentally-friendly high capacity pumps having no oil, no grease, and no seals, and we continue to work with our customers for continual improvement of our pumps and in new product development providing custom solutions in pumping technology for this emerging business sector.

Everglades Restoration
The U.S. government has commenced construction of the largest ecosystem restoration project to protect and preserve the Florida Everglades. Recognizing that a healthy ecosystem is vital to a healthy economy a comprehensive restoration plan has been implemented. Morrison Pump Company is part of the technical team supporting and actively participating in this effort. Canals, levees, storm water treatment areas, and high capacity axial flow pump stations are being designed and constructed as part of this challenging water management project. Today, Morrison Pumps are installed on the first Everglades pump stations providing high capacity water transport between Storm Treatment Areas (STAs) and Water Storage Areas.